Magnolia Adds High Fantasy #Pitmad Find to 2020 - 2021 lineup

Here at Magnolia, we love our bookshelves to be as diverse as our authors. Without a focus on an age group or genre, we’re able to take on ambitious debuts from literary fiction authors to young adult authors, to authors whose stories live in well-built fantasy worlds full of magic and intrigue. CJ Fairhart’s The Witch of Vassau is no exception. Pitched during #pitmad as Black Sails meets The Witch’s Daughter, The Witch of Vassau is a New Adult High Fantasy of epic proportions.

You’ll be able to find The Witch of Vassau during our 2020/2021 publishing season. If you’re as excited about this book as we are, don’t forget to add The Witch of Vassau to your “To Be Read” list on Goodreads!

About the Book:

When Meabh Duncan leaves her home and sets sail for the infamous pirate haven of Vassau, all she wants is to rid herself of her old life and start a new one. During her first few weeks on the island, she realizes that those she believed were her friends are not what they seem and that the man everyone seems to hate or fear, the notorious Captain James Kayne is, in fact, her biggest ally.

In an epic adventure that is rife with betrayal, magic, and colorful language, their quest for treasure turns into a fight for survival as more enemies join in the hunt for the witch and the pirate.

Together, Meabh and James must battle the odds and live to tell the tale.

About the Author:

C.J. Fairhart is a Lebanese-American writer and editor, who lives in the French countryside with her husband and their pet cactus, Igor. Her love of reading and writing began at an early age, when her first-grade teacher gave her a copy of Matilda by Roald Dahl and encouraged her to write her first story (a short story about cats taking over the world, in case you were wondering). Since then, she has been working as an editor in journalism, academics, television, and the literary industry. She lives and breathes stories of adventure, magic, and fantasy, and she always roots for the villains, and yet, her favorite author is James Joyce. Go figure.

When she's not busy writing, you can find her watching reruns of "Murder, She Wrote" or off in a corner somewhere pretending to be a pirate.

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