Magnolia Signs #Pitmad Find For Summer 2020

Magnolia Press loves a good thriller, especially when there are complicated relationships with people—and truth—involved. That’s exactly what Laura Dembowski delivered after we liked her pitch for her thriller, Cause of Death, during March’s #pitmad event on Twitter.

Cause of Death follows the investigation into what was believed to be Margaret Moore’s daughter’s suicide after an anonymous tip is called in. Now being treated as a homicide, Margaret’s life is being turned upside down. But as more bodies—and lies—begin to pile up, the more everyone is sure Margaret is a murderer. And one person will stop at nothing to make sure Margaret goes down for her daughter’s death.

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About the Author:

Laura Dembowski fell in love with writing before she knew she could make a career of it. From penning letters to friends and family in grade school to completing her first novel at eighteen, it’s in her blood. Inspired by ideas rather than genres, she enjoys exploring human connections through novels and screenplays. She also has a blog Pies and Plots where she shares her love of baking and cooking, concerts, restaurants, and fashion. She’s a little addicted to Instagram where she is @piesandplots.

When she’s not writing or blogging, Laura enjoys expressing herself creatively at every turn, whether that’s painting her nails, dabbling in interior decorating, or discovering a new show on Netflix. She believes life is short and should be fun whenever possible.

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