It's Remaining Aileen Launch Day!

After months of waiting, the day so many of us have been waiting for is finally here: Autumn Lindsey’s Remaining Aileen is officially available. Following the struggles of a newly-made vampire, Aileen struggles to find balance between raising her two young girls, being a firefighter’s wife, and finding a way to keep her thirst for blood under control.

Here are what some Goodreads reviewers have said about Remaining Aileen:

Remaining Aileen blends women's fiction with a bite of paranormal to produce a metaphorical vintage genre that works. Who knew vampires made the perfect metaphor for moms? Autumn Lindsey sure did! Not only does she bring readers to a deeper level with her fiction, she leaves them wanting more. No spoilers here, but I am already demanding book two”

”Lindsey's writing was superb and transported me to somewhere I had never been but now feels like home. From Silver Lake to Aileen's beautiful home to the sprawling fields, I can see and hear and feel these places without ever leaving my living room. The characters were incredibly well rounded and every one of them felt as real to me as my own family.”

”This book hit me right in the feels at many different times. Aileen’s battle to hold on to her humanity and come to terms with the new, terrifying life presented to her was a pleasure to read and could parallel so many real-life situations. I’m excited to see what will happen next with these characters and for future books from Autumn Lindsey.”

”Even through the struggles of discovering her new reality and all the changes immortality brings Aileen remains a mom- loving her family, battling insecurities, and pouring another cup of coffee to pull her through the day. Chilling descriptions and revelations balanced with humour made for a very entertaining read and a book hangover that I have yet to get over.” 

Didn’t pre-order your copy? That’s okay. Remaining Aileen is now available in paperback and ebook from your favorite book retailer!
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