Magnolia Adds YA Dystopian Fantasy To 2019 - 2020 Line Up

Never straying far from stories that have darker elements, Magnolia Press has recently acquired Chelsea Ballard’s The Masks We Wore: a Young Adult Dystopian Fantasy that brings a unique twist to the magic school setting.

The Academy is the only school in the world that teaches magic. Wanting more out of life, orphan Irene accepts her invitation to attend but soon learns that what she’s started playing is a dangerous game. The Academy is located in The City, whose government is hellbent on staying isolated from the non-magical world. Chasing not just the ability to understand and use magic, Irene is determined to uncover the truth of the legacy her parents left behind for her, and understand the part she has to play in a war that was supposed to have ended years ago.

Mixing real world science with beautiful prose and a story illuminated by magic, Ballard’s The Masks We Wore will appeal to fans of Carrie Ryan’s The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

About the Author:
Chelsea Marie Ballard is a young adult author who has turned her passion for beautiful one-liners, angsty television, and weird biology toward her writing. After never receiving her Hogwarts letter, Chelsea devours anything slightly magical from The Magicians to Spindles End.

Chelsea also has a short story in the IWSG Anthology, Masquerade: Oddly Suited. She is currently working on her debut young-adult fantasy novel.

She enjoys rare vines, milky tea, and anything enemies to lovers. Although dreaming of a tiny home, she currently resides in quaint Bucks County, PA with her family, anxious dog, and fat cat.

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