Magnolia Acquires Women's Fiction Centering on Mental Illness

There are a few common themes that run through the books we’ve been aquiring this first year at Magnolia. For the most part, you’ll find books dealing with reclaiming identity, the struggle with mental illness, and death — natural, accidental, and, well, the murder kind. Laura Allnut’s debut women’s fiction, Below Them the Horizon does deal with mental illness and death, but in a way that’s often left out of adult contemporary fiction.

Lucy battles daily with anxiety as a result from both the jealousy she had over her sister’s bond with their emotionally detached mother and the fact that Lucy lost her sister at a young age to a riptide. She’s able to find some comfort in her friendship with Audra, a minister’s daughter who is constantly moving around the country. Together, from the time they’re teenagers through adulthood, they struggle with mental illness, identity, grief, and quest for hope.

About the Author:
Laura Allnutt holds an MFA in creative writing from Fairfield University. After living on the Gulf of Mexico for eleven years, she moved to the Greater Cincinnati area with her best pal, Sarah, and their mini dachshund, Dudley. She’s taught creative writing for 11 years and treasures the diversity of cultures, ideas, and people she meets in both life and stories.

She’s been published in Lost River Literary Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Yes, and Long Island Literary Journal. She also runs the blog, which helps others understand and cope with mental illness.

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