Paris-Based Literary Thriller Finds Home at Magnolia Press

Unique settings with rich characters are some of our favorite things here at Magnolia. When Karen Hugg submitted her query for The Forgetting Flower, pitched as “Garden Spells meets a Cara Black Thriller” we were immediately intrigued. Hugg’s novel follows Polish-transplant Renia Baranczka as she balances living on her own in Paris and managing a chic plant shop after the suspicious death of her favorite (and the shop’s best) customer. In order to survive, Renia must do what she promised herself, and her estranged sister, that she would never do: sell the flowers off a secret plant — a plant that emits a special fragrance that can erase a person’s memory — for cash. Navigating a lusciously described blackmarket underworld, Reinia’s story becomes one of survival as she fights to save the plant, her sister, and ultimately, herself.

The Forgetting Flower is the first book in a planned trilogy set to be published in Spring 2019.

About the Author:

Karen Hugg writes literary mysteries inspired by plants. Her stories are set in worlds where plants, real or imagined, affect people in strange new ways. Born and raised in Chicago, she moved to Seattle and worked as an editor before becoming an ornamental horticulturalist. She earned her MFA from Goddard College and has been published in various journals and websites. When not writing, she digs in the dirt. When not digging in the dirt, she hangs out with her husband, three children, and four pets. When not doing any of those things, she sits outside and stares at the sky.

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