Magnolia Adds Another #PitMad Find to Their 2019 Collection

Magnolia Press is pleased to announce that it has recently acquired Amanda McHugh’s novel, Like Monsters of the Deep. Pitched as Gone Girl meets Homecoming, this psychological thriller with sci-fi elements follows Eve’s return to her hometown at the request of her childhood friend, Laura. When she gets to the address Laura gave her, Eve is taken hostage by AFH — a corporation cloaked in secrecy, whose CEO is obsessed with vengeance and time — and made part of an experiment known as “the Subject.”

With unreliable narrators, unexpected twists, and a deep look into how social media has changed human connection, Like Monsters of the Deep is a thought-provoking, chilling addition to Magnolia’s 2019 - 2020 collection.

About the Author:
Amanda McHugh is a writer and former English teacher from upstate NY. She received her MA in English from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY and her BA in English Education from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.

From a young age, Amanda found inspiration from the horror genre, and her works frequently explore the unknown, psychological, and the unexplained. Her work has appeared in Zimbell House Publishing and The Mark Literary Review.

When she’s not writing, Amanda can be found with several iced coffees planning adventures with her family.

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