Magnolia Adds Pacific Northwest-based Domestic Thriller to 2019 Lineup

It’s no secret that Magnolia’s editor-in-chief has a deep love for domestic thrillers and the Pacific Northwest. When she came across Melissa Woods’ pitch during October’s #PitDark event, she jumped at the chance of getting her hands on this story. With luscious writing and a captivating story, we couldn’t pass up the chance at adding Melissa, and her book, to the Magnolia family. Set in the quiet town of Pine Ridge, Washington, mysticism and magic add captivating layers to the mystery of a man’s murder. But as the story unravels, and the main character, Memphis, works hard to get to the truth of the murder, she discovers that she, and her baby, are both next on the killer’s list. Found during #PitDark, Melissa Woods’ The Weaver will be for fans of Big Little Lies and The Death of Mrs. Westaway.

About the Author:
Melissa is a BFA student at Boise State University, a mother of six, and an author of literary fiction and suspense. She loves to explore humans and all their complexities, especially when it comes to moral ambiguity.  When not writing, reading, or chasing tiny humans, she can be found running on the track.

She is an advocate of mental health awareness, treatment and research. Her writing has appeared in Memoir Magazine and The Coffin Bell Journal.