Magnolia Adds Marisa Noelle's YA Horror To 2019 Catalogue

Spine-chilling stories are being added to Magnolia’s shelves with the addition of Marisa Noelle’s YA Horror, The Shadow Keepers. Favorited during October’s #DVPit event, Noelle’s novel tackles mental illness through her main character, Georgia, who is desperate to prove her sanity when shadow creatures start invading the asylum she’s been committed to. The Shadow Keepers will be for fans of Juno Dawson’s Say Her Name and Katie Alender’s The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall.

About Marisa:

Marisa Noelle always has a story or two screaming to get out, but it wasn’t until she completed a few courses, including the acclaimed Curtis Brown Writing for Children, that she nabbed an agent here or there and her books began to get noticed. Her debut, a YA sci-fi, comes out with WritePlan publishing late next summer.

She has been long and short listed in a handful of competitions and was proud to be part of the UK WriteMentor program in its inception year. She lives in the UK with her husband and three sons.

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